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Delinquency Control Program

This flagship product has been the tent pole of the company since 1982. This service supplies the credit union with experienced, highly trained personnel that assist in realizing the credit union's delinquency control goals.

On a daily basis, our personnel work onsite at the credit union resolving the day to day challenges within the delinquency portfolio. These actions are accomplished within the guidelines and policies of that specific credit union, under the direct supervision of credit union staff. The program is tailored to the exact needs of the credit union at hand. As a firm that works exclusively with credit unions, BCUS understands the unique requirements that credit unions have. For that reason, the BCUS Delinquency Control Program is a turnkey service; the employees of our organization oversee and execute all activities relating to delinquency control, including but not limited to: past due notifications, outgoing & incoming collection telephone calls, repossessions, litigation, bankruptcy and foreclosures.

Most credit unions currently have in-house employees who work their delinquency report; however, due to the unique economic factors that influence each institution, the credit union may have reached a point where they need to add more workers in order to achieve their delinquency control goals. This is one of the areas in which BCUS may be of service.

With the expertise that comes with over 30 years of experience, BCUS staff will be working at the credit union in conjunction with existing employees, and beginning on day one, are effective in their efforts to reduce the delinquency portfolio. If the credit union has their own permanent employees in this area, our employees are able to assume responsibility for a specific portion of the portfolio as needed, or, if the credit union prefers, BCUS staff will manage the entire portfolio. This service is fully customizable to the specific needs of the credit union client.

The cost of the delinquency control program is a flat, monthly fee, outlined in the annual contract. The credit union’s monthly expenses never go up during the term of the contract, regardless of how many times we may have to go to court, prepare documentation, represent the credit union in litigation, or fulfill any of our other outlined responsibilities.

What BCUS brings to your credit union with the Delinquency Control Program:

  • Experienced personnel who understand the culture of the credit union collections process
  • Operationally effective, immediately; no wait time or learning curve
  • Service is fully customized to fit each credit union client's needs
  • Collection efforts are performed onsite, on a daily basis
  • Client maintains full control of workflow and operational methodology used
  • Program costs are fixed; no hidden charges or billing surprises

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