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Personnel Development

The hallmark of credit union membership is the relationship between members and the credit union. Members look to the credit union and its staff for financial guidance, and credit unions pride themselves on the ideology of always doing what is in the best interest of the member.

This symbiotic relationship only truly works when the employees of the credit union are trained to recognize what is best for the member as well as the credit union. This philosophy is true whether considering the loan portfolio, cross-selling products and services or controlling delinquency.

In the current economy, no credit union can afford to miss an opportunity to provide members with every product and service that the credit union offers that the member qualifies for. An important part of accomplishing this is to make certain that the employees of the institution have been provided the training necessary to facilitate them understanding the "big picture'.

Repeatedly, regardless of the employee’s job title; loan officer, MSR or teller, employees take the position of “order takers.” The member comes in to a branch and proceeds to ask for "this loan" or "that account" and performing in the name of "member service" the employee dutifully "fills the member’s order".

This too often repeated scenario is problematic because it is not, in fact, good member service. It is not that the membership does not know or understand what they want, rather that they are not trained financial professionals. Most are unaware of all the products and services that your credit union offers, and that what they think they want and what they actually need may be two entirely different things. This situation is easily remedied by a well trained and knowledgeable front line staff; another positive aspect that a BCUS relationship brings to the credit union.

Product knowledge and the confidence it inspires is only one component of the "big picture." Employees must also know how to analyze a member’s "financial needs vs. their financial wants" and be able to match those requirements and desires to the organization’s product offerings. From there, the employee must present this information to the member in such a way that the member realizes the benefits and that these product offerings are truly in their best interest.

By doing this consistently and in a professional manner, the entire staff will experience a significant increase in sales and your members will benefit from the credit union’s product options, thereby truly offering member service in a way that all parties involved are successful.

How the BCUS personnel development program benefits the credit union:

  • Loan officers learn appropriate timing for "up selling" & "down selling" loan requests
  • Lending personnel learn the correct ways to close loans & prevent future delinquency
  • Collectors learn how to make each member contact as effective as possible
  • Collectors learn when restructuring a loan will or will not be effective
  • Front line staff will understand how to utilize & maximize their "face time" with each member
  • The entire staff will develop a more complete understanding of the term "sales culture" and how their role fits into the "big picture"

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